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What Makes A Great Brand Or Logo Design

The Importance of Press Releases

So what really makes a great brand or logo design?

That is a question that has many answers. Any business owner wants to have their logo stand for something, they want it to stand out. When I say stand out, I mean really stand out, because the competition for business is vast and never-ending. But how as designers, do we help our clients accomplish this task? Each project, logo, and client needs its own unique answer. And this ultimately requires hard work, research, and revisions. Here are some comparisons from companies and logo designs that you will certainly know, and what makes them so great.

The 4 types of logo design you should know!

  • WordMark
  • LetterMark
  • Brandmark
  • Iconic

What’s a successful logo?

Here are the most important design tips to create a successful logo. The most important area is that a logo should be flexible. There are so many mediums in which your logo will be employed: digital, print, physical products… it’s important that your logo looks great when used in each. The most successful logos are flexible enough that they don’t get lost when changing sizes, backgrounds, or mediums.

Keeping it simple with logo design.


Here are two of the most popular logos/brands in the world, and there really isn’t anything fancy about these brands. No text trickery, extensive color detail, design composition, or other design components. What you want in a good brand is something simple.

Color does matter!


We all love color in our lives, black and white really gets boring, just like the movies in the “old days.” It’s good to stay modern when thinking about a modern image and brand. Sometimes depending on your business niche, you may need to explore vibrant colors. Colors that stick our and are marketable because they’re so easy to spot.

A good brand stays in shape!


That’s right, workout jokes about design (sorry). A good logo is easy to remember when the shape sticks out and is marketed well. Maybe keeping it simple, with something like MKS Logo Design. When you keep your shapes simple, with streamlined colors and incorporated modern design, you can land into success. Look at these two, everyone knows who these brands are!

What type of design is right for your business?

There are so many approaches for logos that aren’t even included in this post, we wouldn’t rightfully have the time to discuss everything! The only “wrong” thing you can do for your business when it comes to your logo is to not have one. That’s right, there are too many small businesses that actually don’t have a logo but operate their business model and try to drive traffic. You can’t market successfully if you don’t have an amazing logo and brand.

Do you currently have a logo and brand that is marketed well? Or are you facing barriers? Let us know – we’re here to help!

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