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Having a Website SSL and why its Important

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It’s time to talk website security

SSL or also known as an HTTPS prefix. The three letter acronym get’s thrown around a lot anymore, but what does it really mean? An SSL certificate creates this amazing HTTPS prefix on your website and shows the pretty padlock to all your clients; what does this mean, is this a good thing? Absolutely.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s very important

The SSL certificate established for your website is developed through technology used for establishing encrypted links between your websites hosted server and your clients web browser. In basic terminology, it secures the information hosted on your website and confirms to your visitors your website is secure and safe.

Not having an SSL can damage your website reputation

That’s right, you heard it. If you don’t establish a secure image for your website, it damages your SEO and also your web-based reputation to your customers. No one wants to go to a site and even have a hint that the information they’re about to view isn’t safe; that’s where you need a professional to step in. With MKS Web Design, we know the importance of securing your website and providing an SSL.

MKS Web Design will secure your website

Are you looking for a Kansas web design company? We provide web development to create your website for your business, organization, or personal hobby, we secure it. We make sure they your SSL certificate is properly installed and up-to-date so that your reputation isn’t tainted. Does your current website have an SSL? Send us a message, our friendly Kansas web designers are ready to help!

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