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How To Increase Your Google Maps Ranking

How To Increase Your Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps and your Google Business Listing are a must have for local businesses. It is proving ever so useful as a traffic tool as the map results are showing up more and more in search results. As the more advanced phones such as the iPhone and Droid become a viable device to use when searching for local goods and services, the map results are significant. Moreover, with the results being above the organic search results, the map listings are drawing considerable attention. Additionally, with more care, comes more competition.

Here are a few ways that you can increase your business listing rankings.

1. Set up a free Google Business Listing. If you don’t have an account, search for your business on Google Maps, and if found, click the ‘Claim Business’ link to claim your company.

2. Use Keywords in your Company Name. Don’t completely change your name, but in a case like ours, change it up a little. We are a web design agency, so instead of ‘MKS Web Design,’ I will use ‘MKS Web Design – Kansas Web Design.’

3. Use Keywords in your Company Description. Google gives you an area to describe your business, use it strategically by adding your most essential goods or services.

4. Add Photos and your Company Logo. The more pictures you add, the better your ranking will be, and your images will show up in the image search as well.

5. Add a Coupon. Google tells you up front; this will increase your ranking, and it may also increase the chances of receiving a call from those bargain hunters.

6. Add a Video to your listing. If you have uploaded any training videos, or have a commercial you have uploaded to YouTube, Google makes it very easy to pull that into your listing.

7. Complete all of the Information. Take a few extra minutes, add all of your business hours, payments and anything else you think is essential. The more comprehensive your listing is, the better chances you will have. Complete all of the categories, and add your own if you cant find categories that fit.

Note that Google Maps is not going to drastically change your business, but we all need every bit of help we can get. It’s very competitive on the internet so that a few minutes could go along way with your local business searches.

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