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Specialty Vehicle Source's New Website

Specialty Vehicle Source's New Website

The Business 

We have created the ideal website for Specialty Vehicle Source (SVS), a company that offers customized solutions for emergency fleet vehicles in Kansas, promising to help their customers keep their business running. 

SVS's services allow customers to tailor their vehicle to their needs and requirements, customizing them down to the very last specification, and include fire, law enforcement, EMS, scene illumination, safety equipment and custom wiring. 

The company's goal is to streamline its clients' fleet services and make their job easier and safer while providing them with industry-leading auto parts and workmanship. So, we had to create a perfect website to convey its objectives, identity and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The Website 

Once they enter the website, visitors can see the SVS overview with its tagline and two buttons, one to get started and the other to check its services. By clicking on "View Services" or going down a bit more on the home page, users can find a section that describes everything the company offers and includes detailed information on each alternative through its "Learn More" button. 

After reviewing the available services and checking the brands that have worked with Specialty Vehicle Source, users can go back and click on the "Get Started" button, which will redirect them to a secondary page where they can choose the services they are interested in and find the ultimate solution for their vehicles. 

SVS's website also has a section where it offers free estimates for each customized vehicle and a button to "Ask A Question" for those who have doubts, specific questions or want more information about the company or its benefits. 

Visitors can then find a section with complete information on what Specialty Vehicle Source does, detailing the type of customers its services are aimed at. Also, by clicking on the "Read More” button, the website opens the company's About Us page, allowing potential clients to learn much more about its business, founder, and history. 

Those who have more questions about SVS or its services can check the FAQ section by clicking on the "View our FAQ” button or contact SVS representatives for more details by filling out the contact form to get in touch with the company's team. 

As described, the website is 100% intuitive and very informative. All regular customers and potential clients can find everything they need there, which also helps SVS grow its business. 

Do you want to see it for yourself? Check out the Specialty Vehicle Source website here

Anthony Richter, Founder and Creative Director of MKS Web Design
Anthony Richter
Founder and Creative Director

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