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EMS Booster Club's New Website

EMS Booster Club's New Website

About EMS Booster Club

We have also designed the website for the EMS Booster Club; a booster club made up of parent volunteers who have teamed up with Eisenhower Middle School administrators and teachers to support all programs and activities that involve students.

We focused on building a virtual space that transmits the school's spirit and its booster club, adding EMS's characteristic colors and elements. Also, we divide all the available information into sections so that visitors can find everything they need in a matter of seconds.

The EMS Booster Club Website

EMS Booster Club's website is very informative and intuitive, meaning that it allows users to obtain essential information or review its product catalog with just a few clicks. Its most prominent element is the Eisenhower Middle School logo, a mighty eagle that conveys the spirit of its Booster Club and other school clubs.

Next to the logo, there are two important buttons: the "Contact Us" button, which redirects visitors to a section with a form to contact the club's representatives, and a "View Products" button, which shows its 2021 selection of EMS Spirit Wear.

Visitors who scroll down the site can also find EMS Booster Club's address and a button that shows its official Facebook page. Also, there are four buttons for further information, including the "About US" button, which leads to a secondary page with details about the group, its goals, and its story.

The website was built following a brand identity reflected in its colors, background, icons, typography, and other visual elements. Therefore, we can say that it perfectly conveys EMS Booster Club's purpose and core message.

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