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GDPR And What It Means For Your Business

Are you really calling them to action? Or are you abandoning them?

We all love to put call-to-action (CTA) buttons in the top and bottom fields of our content. On the surface, it makes complete sense. You bring traffic to your web pages to get them to do something, so why not make it immediately obvious what you want them to do?

Unless, of course, putting a CTA above-the-fold is too much, too early.

One of our clients sells digital products on their built website. Originally, their above-the-fold CTA featured top products with “buy it now” type buttons, but we decided to try something different. Instead of this traditional buy button, we changed their above-the-fold content to focus on the benefits of the client’s digital products.

The result? Revenue increased by almost 70 percent.

In the case of this client, asking them to buy before selling them on what they were buying was scaring people off. Once we gave people an opportunity to get excited about the product before asking them to buy, they were much more likely to make a purchase.

Are you currently looking for a new website? Or maybe to freshen up your old one?

There’s a lot of thinking and logistics that go into the build of a website. If your current site doesn’t have the right CTA for it’s pages and content, then you may be missing out on traffic, leads, and sales. If you don’t have a site, then we’re the first place to start! Send us a message at any time, our friendly Manhattan Kansas staff at MKS Web Design are happy to help – Let us be your Kansas web design company!

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