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Your business website needs to make you money like a salesman that never sleeps!

  • Have you felt frustrated with your website’s poor performance?
  • Are you uncertain of how to rewrite your website?
  • Tried to do it yourself, but it didn’t work?
  • Talked to companies that are confusing or expensive?
  • Don’t trust freelancers to pull it off well?

At MKS Web Design we offer custom website design and development to fit the needs of your organization or product. When you work with us, you get a modern coded website that’s uniquely created from the start. We use a responsive WordPress framework on all of our creations that enables you almost infinite flexibility while designing your website. We follow industry best practices for functionality and security, to make sure your site and customers stay safe. Our goal is to create a clean, aesthetically pleasing website that’s functional for the needs of you and your customers.

It’s awesome website design

If you’re looking for an awesome website design, then look no further. Simplicity is one of the golden rules when creating a fresh web design. The audience should have an enjoyable and positive experience when using your site; this is where we step in! Whether their objective is reading content, watching videos, or enrolling in your course, every action should be clear and concise throughout your website. Working with the team at MKS Web Design, you get the right approach to design. We create a site that strengthens your company’s brand while ensuring ease of use and simplicity for your audience. If you’re looking for the right Kansas web design services, we are the team for you.
Here is just some of what we have to offer:

  • Creative design
  • Attention to detail
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive design
  • UX strategy
  • … and more!

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The Testimonials

Hear What Others Say About Our Web Design


Athena Wellness
"Everything was explained so well and in a language, I could understand. Perfect customer service!"


Shaw Family Chiropractic
"Huge shoutout to MKS Web Design for the new website and video. He seriously couldn't have done a better job!"


Larsen Counseling Services
"Extremely creative! MKS Web Design will quickly get a sense of what you want and then make it better than you imagined!"

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Providing high-quality web design services at below average cost to small and medium size organizations and businesses!
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