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DDLC Investment’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on November 15, 2021

About DDLC Investments

We have built the ideal website for DDLC Investments, a family business that owns and manages rental properties. 

Based in Manhattan, Kansas, it offers a variety of rental properties near the K-State Campus and Aggieville, allowing clients to find the home they have been searching for. 

Therefore, we had to create an Internet space where it could expand and attract more clients, hoping to become a leading company in the real estate industry. 

The DDLC Investment Website 

The DDLC Investments’ website provides a clean, easy-to-navigate interface, with a home page listing available properties for rent to help users find what they need in just a few seconds. Each property includes photos and its address, plus a “View” button that redirects to a window with more details.  

By clicking on that button, it shows a section where users can filter their searches to find properties adapted to their needs, preferences and requirements. 

There’s also a space for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where the site’s visitors can clarify their doubts about the housing experience that the company promises. 

Then, another section lists the available properties by villa or street. After clicking on the “View More” button, users are redirected to the search page, where they can also filter the results according to the type of property or number of rooms they expect to have in their dreamed home. 

Below that section, visitors can find a contact form they can fill out with their personal information, email and phone number if they want more information about the services that DDLC Investments provides to its clients. 

Finally, in the last part of the site, there’s another button and more contact details, as well as the navigation menu, which also includes the sitemap. 

DDLC Investments’ website has been designed as an informative and intuitive space, following the company’s objectives of attracting potential clients and becoming a recognized brand in the real estate market.

If you want to visit the DDLC Investments website and see how we build it, click on this link

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