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Digital Fabric and Composite Analyzer’s (DFCA) New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on October 14, 2021

About the DFCA Software

We have also created a website for Digital Fabric and Composite Analyzer (DFCA), which provides a realistic fiber-level and yarn-level micro-mechanics software. 

Developed by a group at Kansas State University, this innovative software is an excellent tool for a variety of research uses, including fabrics and fabric-reinforced composites analyzes. 

It’s a software solver that works through a Digital Element Approach (DEA), developed by Kansas State University, which has previously been used to determine filament-level micro-geometries of fabrics as woven or braided, analyze 3-D weaving process kinetics, simulate fabric deformation during molding/forming process and more.  

Therefore, it needed a modern tech-inspired website that accommodates a first-class innovation like DFCA, and that’s what we’ve built! 

The DFCA Website 

The website for Digital Fabric and Composite Analyzer shows customers what the software is about at first glance, using graphical elements that characterize the industry and the market niche that DFCA is targeting. 

By opening its home page, visitors can find the software’s logo and a brief description, as well as a button to “Learn More” and “Request Info” for those who want to know more about what is behind DFCA or obtain more information about its benefits. 

Right below that, there’s a very important section for all tech products: the story. In this section, we include the details behind the DFCA innovation and an “About DFCA” button that redirects users to a secondary page where they can get essential information on how DFCA works and was created. 

Then, visitors can find details about how developers have used the technology employed to create DFCA, as well as a section that explains the basics related to the software, its applications, and related terms, such as microgeometry of fabrics or conformal FE mesh. 

There’s also a space with information for those who are interested in purchasing the software. This section includes two buttons: a contact button, with details for visitors to get in touch with the developer team, and a “Request info” button that redirects them to a contact form they can also use if DFCA is what they need. 

It’s definitely a website that supports and drives the brand in an increasingly important industry. Do you want to see it? Check out the Digital Fabric and Composite Analyzer website here

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