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Finding Purpose In Your Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on November 13, 2019

I speak about this a lot when talking to clients; what is the purpose of your website? Are you looking to provide information about your product or services or merely generate leads and boost sales in a particular area? Knowing the purpose is of your website can help when upgrading! 

I like to think of this in a simple form, by process of elimination. Write down on a piece of paper, or type in a document all the actions that you would like a user to take on your website. 

Some of these actions of purpose could be:

  • Filling out a contact form
  • Learning more about your services
  • Reading your blog
  • Downloading your software
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Watching your videos from YouTube
  • Following you on Instagram

Once you create your list (which might turn into 100’s of actions), let’s get it narrowed down to three. I know, three seems like such a small number, but it’s essential! Potential clients or customers are coming to your website for a reason, and we want to make whatever they’re on your site to be as easy as possible. Once you can narrow down your three areas of concentration, you can really focus on the critical components of your website and make sure your new web design has a clear purpose! 

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