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Guy on a Tractor’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on March 15, 2021

About Guy on a Tractor

We have designed the perfect website for Guy on a Tractor, a company that offers services to help people make their yards look nice without doing the hard work themselves. 

Long-term operated by Kansan, Brandon, the company is located in Wamego, Kansas, serving several areas locally, including Wamego, St. George, Manhattan, Kansas, and more. 

Among the services it offers are leaf cleaning, dumpster rental, turf management, presidential mowing and trimming, commercial mowing and trimming, mulching, lawn or garden village, and more. 

The Guy on a Tractor Website 

Guy on a Tractor’s website incorporates visual elements that indicate the niche in which the company operates at first glance, including industry-related images, graphics, icons and colors. 

Once they open their homepage, users can see the brand’s name and slogan alongside its logo and two main buttons: a “Free Estimate” button and a “View Services” button. 

The “Free Estimate” button takes visitors to a section where they can learn more about what the company offers and get complimentary estimates. There’s also an “Ask a Question” button available for those who want to clarify doubts or obtain more information about Guy on a Tractor. 

The second button, stating “View Services,” redirects visitors to the Lawncare Services section, where they can find more details about the variety of services the company provides its clients in and around Wamego, St. George, and Manhattan. 

In this section, each option has a referential image and a button that takes people to a secondary page containing more information about the selected service and the alternatives available for each one. 

Then, there’s a “Why Choose Us” section that explains to visitors the benefits that Guy on a Tractor promises and a testimonial space where its previous clients have shared their experience and opinions about its services. Both sections have been designed to boost regular customers’ and potential customers’ trust in the brand. 

Finally, we added a Call to Action that encourages users to leverage the opportunity to hire Guy on a Tractor and have nice yards! As you can see, this website is wholly adapted to the company’s needs and objectives. Do you want to take a look at it? Visit Guy on Tractor’s web page here.

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