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How to get more Traffic to your Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on April 8, 2019

So how do you get more traffic to your Website?

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to get more traffic unless you want to pay a fortune to advertise on a high traffic site like Amazon or Yahoo. However, I have seen some really bad advertisements or bad messages that I would not even click on. So today with this post I’d like to focus on slowing building a search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social networking plan for your website, or website to-be.

The most important item to get more traffic to your site is content

Without great content, no one is going to be interested in your site. The content also should be text on the page, not images. Images and scripts are not indexed by the search engines so that you might have riveting marketing lingo, but if its an image or in flash, none of the words are going to be indexed as searchable. This is why content is so important! Content and how the text lays out on the page are the building blocks of a great SEO plan. Making sure you pay attention to header tags and where paragraphs are placed. The most important phrase on the page should be wrapped in an h1 tag. It needs the be great keywords as well, such as “Manhattan Kansas Website Design“, not “Welcome to our site“. Any subheading should be wrapped in the h2 tag so that the search engines know those are important as well.

Also, consider your meta tags in your SEO plan

You have to have a great title and description. Again, a title like “Manhattan Kansas Website Design | MKS Web Design” , not “Welcome to MKS Web Design“. This is going to help rank you higher for search phrases, as well as entice users to click on your listing. Very important!

It’s not just SEO data, it’s also gaining incoming links or “votes” to your site

Each incoming link to your site, that a search engine finds, is a vote of importance for your site. You want to shoot for important sites but this can sometimes be difficult for new website owners. Some easy ones are the social type sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Digg, don’t skip these! These sites will let you sign up for an account, and add information as well as links back to your site. And best of all, they are all free! These sites should be included in your SEM or Search Engine Marketing plan. YES!

Don’t forget a Social Networking plan!

Where are your customers, and how do you find them on the network? For example, we use Instagram A LOT. There are many tools out there that can support you in finding good content on social media to engage in, and how to output content on a regular basis yourself, even with the help of automation! More to come on this in the future, we’ll share all of our secrets when it comes to automation and social networking.

So there it is, I hope some of these tips have given you ideas. These are just little bits and pieces of what an online site marketing campaign needs to drive traffic to your site. Once traffic arrives, you need to learn how to turn them into a customer, otherwise, it isn’t very useful getting them there! Do you have more information you want to share with us? We would love to hear from you! Comment below and of course send us a private contact message at any time.

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