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Patient 360’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on November 15, 2021

About Patient 360

We have also built the ideal website for Patient 360 LLC, a Kansas-established telehealth provider offering national telehealth services in the United States. 

Founded by Dr. Callahan, a Board-Certified Osteopathic Family Physician (ACOFP) and retired Army National Guard Colonel, Medical CORPS, this business offers varied telehealth services, including digitally qualifying prospective patients through its online symptom checker before scheduling a telehealth visit. 

Patient 360’s mission is to provide a professional and honest approach to telehealthcare. The company has experienced and trained doctors. Moreover, it promises quality customer care, offering patients same-day appointments, easy telehealth, scheduled appointments, and friendly, professional treatment with no hidden fees. 

The Patient 360 Website 

Patient 360’s website conveys the business’s vision, mission, and goals through its colors, icons, and style. By looking at its homepage, visitors will know they are dealing with a company that operates in the health niche and feel confident that they will receive quality telehealth assistance. 

Its home page has a top bar with the company’s logo and name, plus a menu button that contains the different sections of the site. After that, it shows a telehealth-related image with a short description of the business and two main buttons: Check My Symptoms and Patient Login. 

By clicking on “Check My Symptoms,” a feature powered by Ask The Intern, users will be redirected to a section where they can review their symptoms and signs before proceeding to a telehealth appointment with the doctor. 

The “Ask The Intern” section contains graphic images and a short description of some common symptoms with buttons that open secondary pages with further information about what such signs or illnesses are. 

After that, there’s a “Do you have Questions?” section with a button to review the general limitations of telehealth services. Below that section, visitors can find a text describing Patient 360’s mission and an “About Telehealth” button that displays a window with more information about the business and its services. 

The website’s home page also has a section with the company’s main feature, hoping to build trust among Internet users and increase its customer base. 

Finally, at the bottom of the site, there are different utility buttons, including Patient Login, Articles (it redirects users to the Patient 360 blog), Frequently Asked Questions, Video Resources, Letter Request, and much more. 

Do you want to review the work we’ve done for this telehealth-focused business? Visit Patient 360’s website by clicking on this link

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