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Shaw Family Chiropractic’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on June 23, 2019

About Shaw Family Chiropractic

We have created the ideal website for Shaw Family Chiropractic, a walk-in chiropractic clinic located in Manhattan, Kansas.

Founded and owned by Dr. Shaw, the company first offered chiropractic services before expanding into the massage therapy business.

On the first visit, Dr. Shaw promises a complimentary spinal exam with no X-rays. Then, without spending any more time scheduling several appointments, he treats his patients just after completing the evaluation.

In this sense, Dr. Shaw restores his patients’ range of motion and reduces pain in their spine and extremities through a diversified manual adjustment that anyone can get on their first day visiting Shaw Family Chiropractic.

The Shaw Family Chiropractic Website

Every successful business needs a first-class, quality website.

Shaw Family Chiropractic’s website is highly informative and provides users with all the details they need to know about the clinic’s services.

The first thing visitors can notice there are its colors. The color palette used for the site is consistent with the business sector where Shaw Family Chiropractic operates. Also, it conveys a sense of professionalism and confidence, making clients feel like they are in the right hands.

Furthermore, the website is user-friendly and intelligently structured to find everything they need with just a few clicks.

There are two buttons of interest to visitors in the home page’s center: services and memberships.

After clicking on one, users are redirected to a page with expanded information on the services they can purchase at the clinic or the details on its available memberships for long-term service packages.

Visitors will also be able to find a walk-through video showing the clinic’s facilities -so they are familiar with Shaw Chiropractic even before arriving- and another main button to get to the strategic office location in much less time than expected.

The site also has a convenient contact form that users can leave all their questions and concerns regarding the clinic’s services, membership details, or location.

Moreover, it has a testimonial section that shows opinions and comments from clients who have trusted Dr. Shaw and his team, allowing new visitors to know other people’s previous experiences.

Do you want to check the site by yourself? Visit

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