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Sunflower Counseling Center’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on September 9, 2019

About The Sunflower Counseling Center

We have created an outstanding website for Sunflower Counseling Center, located in Leavenworth, Kansas. It’s owned by therapist InSoon Hoagland, who offers specialized care to help people experience healing in their lives.

As a solution-focused, existential Christian therapist, InSoon Hoagland follows a holistic approach and proven techniques to meet her clients’ needs. She helps them discover their true potential, change difficult situations from the past, unearth long-standing behavior patterns, resolve challenges, channel pain, move onto productive paths, find hope and peace, and more.

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The Sunflower Counseling Center Website

The Sunflower Counseling Center website was designed to provide information about InSoon Hoagland and her services. It also provides appointment scheduling for those interested in getting help for themselves, their children, or their loved ones.

The home page’s top features the center’s name, slogan and logo, conveying peace and joy to all people seeking healing. It has a friendly aspect, with warm colors such as yellow and graphic elements such as butterflies and flowers, helping visitors feel more comfortable with what they see and better understand the brand’s essence.

Below the slogan is a “Request Appointment” button that opens the “Client Portal,” a space where users can sign in to hire InSoon Hoagland’s services. Next, the home page has a menu button that lists all the sections in Sunflower Counseling Center’s site, allowing visitors to find all the information they need and navigate through it effortlessly.

It also has a space with transitioning images and messages that help convey the brand message and motivate people to start their healing journey.

As they scroll down, readers can find the “Contact” section, which includes a question that invites them to get in touch with the therapist and find answers for any questions about the center or its therapy sessions. The “Contact” button opens a form where they can leave details such as their phone number, email and inquires, helping the company generate leads and increase its customer base.

Below that is a space about the person behind Sunflower Counseling Center, InSoon Hoagland, with all the information clients and prospective clients want to know, including her approach to therapy and techniques. This section has an “About Therapist” button that opens a tab with more details about her career and services.

There is also a quote from Roberts Frost to encourage readers to embark on a healing path with the therapist and another section with icons (About, Services, Location, and Contact) to make the site easier to navigate.

The last elements on its home page are the “Services” section, featuring three buttons with the three main services that Sunflower Counseling Center offers (Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy), and the Location section with the address, contact information, and schedules.

Do you want to see the amazing design we did for Sunflower Counseling Center’s website? Click on this link.

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