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Tina Steffensmeier’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on May 5, 2019

About Tina Steffensmeier

We have created the perfect website for Tina Steffensmeier LCPC, a personal brand based in Manhattan, Kansas, operating in the mental health and substance use/addiction niche. Tina, a licensed clinical professional counselor and clinical addiction counselor with over 20 years of experience, offers counseling services to help people process grief or loss, put their minds at ease, overcome obstacles, address addiction issues, break destructive patterns, etc.

Through her brand, she addresses the needs of people living with mental health or substance use/addiction issues, providing them with a safe space to explore, acknowledge and embrace difficulties to move closer to healing and recovery.

The Tina Steffensmeier Website

Tina Steffensmeier’s website was designed as a space where she can offer her specialized services and give her current and potential clients information about all the benefits that her brand promises.

Some standout elements on its home page are the colors, typography, and visuals. Once the website opens, visitors can see the brand name and logo with a moving sky image background that conveys calm and serenity. Its predominant colors are white, black, and blue, representing Tina’s personal brand goal: to help people find relief and calm.

After that, there are two main buttons. The “About Me” one redirects people to a secondary page with all of Tina Steffensmeier’s professional information. The second button, “My Services,” opens another secondary page where visitors can find information about all her services.

Below the two buttons, there is a “Welcome” section with a warm message that explains to clients the therapeutic approach that Tina follows and a “Learn More2 button that also redirects to her “About Me” page.

The next element on the website is Tina’s office location and the area where she provides her services, helping users find her more easily and discover if they can get her help where they live.

Then, there’s the “Do you have questions?” section with a “Get In Touch” button that opens a form where visitors can leave their contact information and a message if they want to contact Tina and hire her services. It is also of great help to those who have questions or concerns.

Finally, as the site’s last element, there is the address information of Tina’s office, its contact information, and the terms and conditions button.

If you want to look at Tina’s online space and learn about our work designing her website, click on this link.

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