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Xclusive Nutrition’s New Website

Written by Anthony Richter
Posted on April 4, 2019

About Xclusive Nutrition

We have created the perfect website for Xclusive Nutrition, a brand based in Manhattan, Kansas, that offers a diverse and expanding selection of nutritional supplements and online personal training for all fitness enthusiasts and those who want to take care of their health.

Xclusive Nutrition offers health-related products, including vitamins and nutritional supplements, to help people achieve their fitness goals, increase muscle mass or get in shape.

It also has experienced and committed staff to help customers define plans and choose products to help them meet their wellness goals.

The Xclusive Nutrition Website

The Xclusive Nutrition website effortlessly showcases the business’s primary objective: helping people achieve their fitness goals. Its colors denote strength, endurance, and hard work, values intrinsically related to the brand. 

The first element visitors can find when opening the website is a topbar with buttons that divide its different categories and functions, including Online Personal Training, All products, By Type, Search, Cart and Contact. Each one helps users to get relevant information about the business. 

After that, there’s a black and white image of a strong man lifting a weight that also conveys the brand’s essence and its motto, “The Best of Muscle. Building Nutrition.” Potential customers can also see a box with a welcome message by scrolling down. 

The message explains to readers what Xclusive Nutrition is all about. Moreover, the box has a “View Store” button that redirects users to a page where they can find the catalog with all the products it offers, including their photos, prices, and descriptions. 

The site features more black and white photography, showing Xclusive Nutrition’s commitment to helping customers achieve their fitness goals. It also introduces visitors to online training services with motivational messages that capture readers’ attention and connect with their desires and emotions. 

If you want to see the work we did for Xclusive Nutrition, check this link.

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