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Mark Sheldon is a Northern California Web Developer who has been building Database Management Systems since 1987, and Internet Systems since 1996, acting as sole or lead developer on projects for clients that include Corporate Clients, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses. He has worked with the .NET Platform since mid 2001 and adopted it as his primary development platform on its 1.0 release in 2002 ...

Editor's Note - Our Virtual Future
Depending on who you ask, Pokemon Go is either destroying civilization or heralding its progression. Either way, the game is revealing the challenge facing virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications.
Cutting Edge - Message-Based Business Logic in Practice
Expressing the logic of a business domain can be a real challenge. An emerging solution is to use business events to express the logic of the domain in a more natural and user-friendly way, as Dino Esposito explains.
Unity - Building Virtual Reality Applications
Virtual, augmented and mixed (VAMR) reality development is taking off, as capable devices and platforms mature. Tim Kulp introduces the basics to building a VR application in Unity, showing how to work with connected services, build a UI with dimensionality and interaction, and organize code components for troubleshooting.
Mobile DevOps - The Source of Truth: The Role of Repositories in DevOps
Free your mind. Source control provides automation that empowers DevOps and liberates developers from a raft of tedious activities. Learn more about source control repositories and the foundational role they play in an automated release pipeline.
ASP.NET Core - Feature Slices for ASP.NET Core MVC
The new Feature Slices functionality gives developers a way to organize their ASP.NET Core MVC projects by Feature, rather than by Models, Views, and Controllers.
Reactive Framework - Build Asynchronous AJAX-Enabled Web Pages with Reactive Extensions
Leveraging Reactive Extensions and the RxJS-DOM plug-in gives you a flexible, high-level way of integrating client-side DOM events and AJAX requests in a loosely coupled way that enables you to make significant changes to your application without having to restructure all of your code.
Xamarin - Cross-Platform Productivity with Xamarin
Learn how using a powerful and efficient cross-platform technology like Xamarin is the key to an effective and consistent development strategy—and greater productivity.
C++ - Unicode Encoding Conversions with STL Strings and Win32 APIs
Giovanni Dicanio presents C++ techniques for converting Unicode text between UTF-8 and UTF-16, using the Win32 APIs MultiByteToWideChar and WideCharToMultiByte. These Win32 C-interface APIs are wrapped in modern C++ code, using STL string classes to store Unicode text, and exceptions to signal error conditions.
Test Run - The Secretary Problem
In machine learning, it's often necessary to come up with an approach for stopping training in a way to optimize the probability of selecting the best prediction model, and solutions to best choice problems can help. To illustrate, James McCaffrey shows how to tackle the Secretary Problem.
Essential .NET - Command-Line Processing with .NET Core 1.0
Mark Michaelis details how to configure the CommandLineApplication, and discusses how to trigger command-line parsing and what happens immediately after the parse invocation.
Modern Apps - Build a City-Wide Wi-Fi Scanner with UWP and Azure
In his July column, Frank La Vigne showed how to build an IoT device to capture Wi-Fi signals. This month, he shows how to connect it to the cloud to realize its full potential.
Don't Get Me Started - Mary Jane Grows Up
Microsoft has never been one to shy away from emerging markets, as David Platt explains in this months column.
Don't Get Me Started - Sing a Song of Silicon
McAndrew's Hymn, the Rudyard Kipling poem celebrating the great steamships of the day, holds a lot of meaning for developers.
The Working Programmer - How To Be MEAN: Exploring ECMAScript
In this column, Ted Neward examines the nascent ECMAScript 2015 Standard, the next-generation leap for JavaScript.
Test Run - Lightweight Random Number Generation
Despite the existence of the easy to use .NET Random class, there are times you’ll want to write your own random number generator. In this article, James McCaffrey presents four different algorithms for doing so.
ASP.NET Core - Real-World ASP.NET Core MVC Filters
Filters are a great, often underutilized feature of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC. They provide a way to hook into MVC’s action invocation pipeline, which makes them great for pulling common, repetitive tasks out of your actions, as Steve Smith explains.
ASP.NET Core - Write Apps with Visual Studio Code and Entity Framework
This article explains how developers working on any platform can write data-oriented Web applications that run on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows leveraging the new ASP.NET Core 1.0 and the Entity Framework, using Visual Studio Code as the development environment.
DevOps - Commit to Git: Source Control in Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2015 includes full support for Git, the enormously popular source code management system that has upended many traditional options. In this article, Jonathan Waldman covers how Git differs from Team Foundation version control; how to place source code into a Git repository; and how to pull, commit and push code.
DevOps - Applying DevOps to a Software Development Project
DevOps isn't just for mobile. This article explores the role that a DevOps culture can play in a software project and guides readers through DevOps stages, from planning, continuous integration and deployment, to monitoring and learning excursion.
Mobile DevOps - From Code to Customer: Exploring Mobile DevOps
The first article in a multipart series looks at the release pipeline for mobile apps and explores how the Microsoft DevOps stack comes into play at each stage.